“Why Should You Get a Martial Arts PhD?”

Martial Arts is one of the toughest things anyone can learn or become a master in the art. It has hundreds of disciplines and types rooted in different cultures and the way different people in history interpreted martial arts. Becoming a master of even a single type of martial arts can take years and lots of hours of excruciating training. Anyone who has put in the time required to become a Master of martial arts needs something to prove to the world that they are a true master of martial arts. Luckily, the International University San Diego was established in 2007 just for that purpose.

In 2007, Dr. Ron Marek saw the need for coming up with a way of distinguishing true masters of martial arts from the rest; which saw the birth of the International University San Diego. The University offers martial arts Masters and Grand Masters a chance to get a Martial Arts Doctorate Degree or martial arts PhD from an internationally recognized university. The International University San Diego’s Martial Arts PhD is the only genuine professional degree in martial arts science you can get in California. It validates your skills automatically and gives you the power to pass on your knowledge to others. Over the years, the University has awarded martial arts degrees to more than 648 students who have in turn helped hundreds others get their black belts.

If you are interested in getting your Martial Arts or Martial Science PhD, you need to be a 4th Dan with 20 or more years’ experience learning or teaching martial arts, and at least 30 years old. The University worked with the US Grandmasters Council to make the degree accessible to more people by waiving the exams, residency, and matriculation that is required with regular PhDs. Download and fill the registration form from www.martialartsphd.com and wait for the Board to approve your application. Since the University only awards seven degrees per month, the earlier you apply the better. So head over to www.martialartsphd.com and get started!

Dr Ron Marek developed the International Martial Arts PhD program in 2007 via the International University San Diego. Since its inception he has awarded more than 683 Martial Arts PhD and Grand PhDs to deserving Martial Artists. The Martial Arts PhD signifies the pinnacle achievement in the arts for many Masters and Grand Masters. For more info go to www.MartialArtsPhD.com. or call Dr. Marek at 760-583-4003