“How to Get a Martial Arts PhD”

For many years, there was no way for people to prove that they were martial arts experts. In every discipline, there should be a way to recognize those who have had lifelong loyalty to learning and teaching it. This is why the International University San Diego introduced their martial arts PhD Programs in 2007 to give Martial arts grandmasters and masters a way to get a PhD degree in martial arts for their countless years of training and teaching. Their Martial Arts PhD is the highest recognition you can get as a martial artist, and you don’t even have to undergo the usual rigorous and expensive process of advanced education.

The International University San Diego in martial arts is the only legal and professional martial arts degree in California from an internationally recognized university. It complies with the2009 California Private Postsecondary Education Act and is based on your professional martial arts skills and teaching, previous education and life skills. The University was founded in 2007 by Dr. Ron Marek to award deserving martial artists the international Doctor of philosophy. Since 2007, the International University of San Diego has awarded over 683 Martial Arts PhDs to worthy recipients.

The University, in combination with the US Grandmasters Council, have made it more accessible by waiving the typical criteria for a PhD degree, including matriculation, exams, and residency. However, the applicant has to be a 4th Dan and/or have 20 or more years’ experience and needs to be over 30 years old. To apply, download the registration form from www.martialartsphd.com and fill out the required details. The Board of Directors reviews each application and accepts you for Martial Science or Martial Arts Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Since the University only grants 7 degrees per month, applicants are advised to apply as soon as they can. Hurry now and get the only legal and verifiable martial arts PhD you can get to prove to the world that you are a true expert in martial arts.

Dr Ron Marek developed the International Martial Arts PhD program in 2007 via the International University San Diego. Since its inception he has awarded more than 683 Martial Arts PhD and Grand PhDs to deserving Martial Artists. The Martial Arts PhD signifies the pinnacle achievement in the arts for many Masters and Grand Masters. For more info go to www.MartialArtsPhD.com. or call Dr. Marek at 760-583-4003