Imagine How You Will Feel As A "Doctor" In The Martial Arts...

Those who wish to be recognized for their life-long commitment to the Martial Arts can now obtain alegal and verifiable Martial Arts PhD.“This official Martial Arts PhD helps to distinguish a martial artist’s lifelong loyalty to teaching and learning the martial arts,” said Dr. Ron Marek, Chancellor and Founder of the International University San Diego.However, the International University San Diego awards only seven Martial Arts PhD degrees per month. So far it has awarded 648 Martial Arts PhD degrees to worthy recipients since its inception in 2007.You see, many internationally recognized Martial Arts Grand Masters and Masters have received their PhD from our University.The International Martial Arts PhD is an bona fide degree that complies with the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.

This Martial Arts degree shows your lifelong accomplishment, devotion and commitment to your art and the Martial Arts in general.

The degree is based on your previous education, professional martial arts skill and teaching and your life skills. Applicants who hold a fourth level Dan and/or have studied the Martial Arts for 20 or more years and you are 30 years of age or older are accepted for the degree.

The PhD in Martial Arts offers you the desired certifications to educate others what you have learned. As a matter of fact the International University San Diego, in combination with the U.S. Grand Masters Council, waives the typical criteria for a PhD degree, including matriculation, residency and exams.

The Board of Director reviews all applications and transfers the proper credits to The International University San Diego. At the end of the evaluation you will be accepted for your Martial Arts or Martial Science Doctor of Philosophy degree. No prior college courses are needed. This degree allows you to receive a professional degree for your countless years of training and teaching without having to undergo the usual rigors of advance education.

The Martial Arts PhD provides you with the highest recognition as a Martial Artist. This is the only GENUINE Professional Martial Arts degree from an internationally recognized University as outlined by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education. (NOT some obscure, underground, illegal diploma mill).

You need to be a 4TH DAN and/or have 20+ YEARS studying the Martial Arts and are at least 30 years old to qualify for this degree.

Fill out your name and email address on the right to download your application that explains to you step-by-step how you can receive your ?AUTHENTIC MARTIAL ARTS PHD degree...DO IT RIGHT NOW before it is too late. We only grant 7 Martial Arts PhDs per month. Go ahead and download the application right now. For more info you can call my office at 931-771-6507.