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“How to Get a Martial Arts PhD”

For many years, there was no way for people to prove that they were martial arts experts. In every discipline, there should be a way to recognize those who have had lifelong loyalty to learning and teaching it. This is why the International University San Diego introduced their martial arts PhD Programs in 2007 to give Martial arts grandmasters and...[ read more ]

“3 Reasons Why You Need A Martial Arts PhD”

Of the many courses offered in colleges, The Martial Arts is one that does not particularly stand out. This is because most people only consider the applied aspect of the discipline and rarely treat the academic aspect of it with importance. The world is rapidly changing, however, and there is an increasing need for martial artists to take professional courses...[ read more ]

“Why Should You Get a Martial Arts PhD?”

Martial Arts is one of the toughest things anyone can learn or become a master in the art. It has hundreds of disciplines and types rooted in different cultures and the way different people in history interpreted martial arts. Becoming a master of even a single type of martial arts can take years and lots of hours of excruciating training....[ read more ]